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How to align pipe flanges
- Nov 28, 2018 -

How to align pipe flanges

How to fix the flange and the tube, how is the straightness of the tube?
Generally, firstly ensure that the flanges are consistent, then buy the wire rod according to the small hole size of the flange piece. To be straight, the straightness of 1 meter is about 0.1, and the maximum length is 4 meters.
Assuming a small hole of 10 mm, then the stick should buy 10 mm minus 0.5.
Then use a stick to insert the corresponding hole, usually insert 2 pieces.
Why pipe flanges are used

How to level the elbow flange:
The standard elbow does not need to be leveled at all, and the welding is a 90 degree flat angle.
If you are not standard, you need to find a good angle in advance. In welding, otherwise the flange is welded, you can't find the angle. It is best to first match the elbow with the steel pipe or other pipe fittings, put the flange on the elbow, and weld it after alignment.
reducer welding flange

How to find the pipe eccentric head and flange connection
If the drawing is not marked, or if there is no drawing, the eccentric head can be welded with the upper end when it is connected to the flange.
Since it is an eccentric reducer, there must be a face and a pipe before the change is horizontal.
First weld a piece of flange A on the pipe, then fix the two flanges of the AB with screws, and then weld the size of the head to the B flange.
Place the level on the flange and measure the distance between the bottom of the level and the pipe with a meter ruler. The two sides are corrected to the same height to ensure that the head and the upper end of the original pipe are flush.
It is also possible to correct the lower end flush welding.  

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