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What is a flange?
- Jul 09, 2018 -

What is a flange?

Industrial pipe flanges can be collars, ring or solid disks that are connected to various pipe applications that allow or limit the flow of liquids and gases. Pipe flange mounting is usually done by welding the flange to the pipe, but the industrial department also provides threads and lap flanges that do not require solder mounting.
ANSI B16.5 carbon steel pipe flange connections are achieved by drilling equally spaced bolt holes in the flange, aligning with the mating flanges, and then bolting them. The bolt hole pattern is determined by industry specifications or customer requirements. Flanges are typically manufactured in accordance with industry specifications established by ANSI B16.5, ASME B16.47, MSS-SP44, API and AWWA-C207.
As new technologies and equipment continue to evolve, custom and project-oriented flanges are becoming more popular. Beijing Metleader Pipeline Technology Inc. prides itself on providing customers with customized flanges and premium flanges for carbon, stainless steel and exotic materials. Metleader is able to produce flanges for all pressure classes, including 75#, 125#, 150#, 175#
There are many types of flanges being manufactured for the industry but there are 12 common types of flanges that include:
Weld Neck or weld collar flange
Socket Weld flange
Counter Bore
Slip On flange
Lap Joint
Paddle Blind
Spectacle Blind, 250#, 300#, 350#, 400#, 600#, 900#, 1500# and 2500#.

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What is the strength of Beijing Metleader Pipeline Inc. ?
Our strengths include carbon steel pipe flanges, as well as pipe elbows and fittings. In order to obtain a safe, high quality connection, we provide flanges according to all current standards and inspection tests.
We stock the flanges according to EN1092-1, DIN or ASME, with a nominal width of 2020 mm in various materials - but special flanges and machining can also be provided quickly and economically. Tees, reducers, branch saddles, welded elbows, caps and dish ends - everything needed for a secure connection!
Our inventory plans provide high quality welded fittings for a perfect connection. In line with all current standards and inspection tests, we are also happy to provide parts based on your individual needs - “Metleader” offers you the ideal solution.