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ASTM A105N Forged Steel Flange
- Feb 13, 2018 -

ASTM A105N Forged Steel Flange

Beijing Metleader Pipeline Technology Inc is engaged in the flange and pipe fittings industry for more than 35 years, has rich experience in production. In 2017, our flange and pipe fittings sales have maintained a continuous growth trend. 


From 2014, Our group's production equipment has been continuously improved, from the original burning coal heating furnace to the gas biochemical furnace, greatly reducing the gas pollution. In the context of local government environmental control, our group response consistently, produce in advance and stock inventory, demand for large product models are available, all models of products have in stock. For example, our North American customers ordered the 5000PCS ASTM A105N Forged Steel Flange, prompt delivery, has been praised by customers.
The Spring Festival arrives, hope to share our holiday blessing with you, if you have any inquiry, welcome to contact us.