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High Pressure Concentric Reducer
- Feb 14, 2018 -

High Pressure Concentric Reducer

Metleader can product high pressure concentric reducer,the high pressure concentric reducer can withstand even greater pressure. Customers can be assured to use our communications size head products to ensure that there is no quality problems.
Information about concentric reducer:
A concentric reducer is used to connect pipe segments or pipe segments on the same shaft.
Concentric reducer is a kind of accessories for reducing pipe size. Concentric reducer is the most commonly used eccentric reducer in the pump and tube frame area.
Carbon steel reducer with A234 WPB and 1/2 to 56 inch dimensions (DN15 to DN1400)

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What is a concentric reducer?
A concentric reducer is a round reducer whose centerline remains unchanged, like a clock. So, anytime you're a plumbing system, you need the center to stay the same, concentric circles are the right choice. Another is called "center".
The application of reducing pipe:
Pipe Reducer
Hydraulic system
Pneumatic system
Pharmaceutical Accessories
Air Brake Accessories
Gas Fittings
Refrigerant parts
Purpose of the pipeline reducer:
A pipeline reducer serves two basic purposes:
Change pipe diameter
Handle expansion, dislocation or vibration problems