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How To Find Center Of Eccentric Reducer
- Feb 01, 2018 -

How To Find Center Of Eccentric Reducer

An eccentric size head refers to the size of a center that is not in the same line. Its role is to stick to the wall or stick to the pipeline and not occupy space, but also connect two different caliber pipe, change the size of the flow 

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Why to using eccentric reducer?
During auto-layout, you want to use an eccentric reducer to keep a bottom or side edge flat when changing sizes and want to know how to do that.
Assuming that you have an eccentric reducer defined in your pipe routing preference, you can simply change the Justification of the pipe to something other than Center - for example if you want the right edge straight, then set it to Center Right. If you want the bottom flat, then set it to Bottom Center. Remember to set the justification back to center when you are done because this setting will be retained after you finish your run.