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New Production Process Of Erw Concentric Reducer
- Feb 16, 2018 -

New Production Process Of Erw Concentric Reducer

Metleader update New Production process of erw concentric reducer, which can not only improve the quality, but also reducer the cost.

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"New Production process of erw concentric reducer"
1. Intelligent Heat Treatment Technology
Heat treatment technology has been the pipe industry is a very critical process, in order to ensure that the performance of the erw concentric reducer meet technical requirements, pipe fittings must be the corresponding heat treatment, the correct heat treatment, directly related to the internal quality of pipe products, heat treatment technology level is also a test pipe supplier technical capacity of the most direct project The company through years of experience in heat treatment accumulation, and through the external experts into the factory guidance, studied a large number of foreign heat treatment standards and data, mastered the essence of heat treatment, through the material of several elephants limited temperature point of the research, the pipe fittings industry commonly used materials for systematic analysis, research and intelligent heat treatment system, The heat treatment temperature can be derived from the computer by simply entering the wall thickness of the product material.
2. Intelligent management technology of erw concentric reducer welding
To ensure that the welding requirements meet the design standards, in the use of pipe fittings to ensure that the welding strength of the pipe after high temperature, high pressure and related corrosion can still reach the strength requirements, you must select the correct welding materials and welding parameters, welding technicians in the past need to consult a large number of materials to select a good welding material, welding preheating temperature, Interlayer temperature, welding layer, and so on, now the use of pipe welding intelligent Management system, as long as the input needs welding materials, thickness, you can export the relevant welding parameters, reduce the artificial welding material strength mismatch.
3. The technology of large diameter hot pushing
Technology Center through years of systematic research and experience accumulation, mastered the large caliber, high steel single  erw concentric reducer (DN500-DN1600) medium-frequency heating push manufacturing method, mastered the high steel grade material in the medium frequency heating state, the plastic deformation process of the manufacturing technology and quality control, according to the company's equipment characteristics, The technological route of large diameter and high steel heat-pushing single seam elbow is developed, and the production efficiency is improved.