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When To Use Concentric And Eccentric Reducer
- Feb 05, 2018 -

When To Use Concentric And Eccentric Reducer

Eccentric reducer circumference at both ends of the nozzle cut, generally for the level of the liquid pipe; concentric reducer of the nozzle at both ends of the center line in the same axis, generally used for gas or vertical pipe diameter reduction. With the use of different diameter pipe or flange diameter reduction.
Eccentric reducer of the nozzle when the tangent point up, called the top-level installation, generally used for pump inlet, conducive to exhaust; cut point down at the end of the installation, the general for regulating valve installation, which will help drain.
Concentric size of the reducer is conducive to fluid flow, fluid flow in the smaller diameter when the interference is small, so the gas and vertical flow of liquid pipe using concentric reducer diameter reduction; eccentric size reducer because one side is flat, Gas or liquid, so the level of the installation of the liquid pipe is generally used for eccentric reducer.
Only the size of the first concentric and eccentric points, top and bottom level is only eccentric installation of a reducer size.

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Eccentric reducer:
1. Gas pipes will accumulate gas, as the gas will accumulate upward in the pipeline, it must be top-level eccentric to prevent the gas can not be excluded;
2. Some impurities or liquid will sink to the top of the tube, it must be used at the end of flat eccentric, to prevent the accumulation can not be ruled out.
Pump imports are generally top-level installation is to prevent cavitation. Horizontal suction centrifugal pump inlet diameter reduction, the pipeline from bottom to top pump top-mounted, top-down pump bottom installation (to prevent the accumulation of gas is also used top-level installation), the medium with impurities and suction speed Lower than the sedimentation rate of impurities at the end of installation.