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Why Eccentric Reducer On Pump Suction
- Feb 06, 2018 -

Why Eccentric Reducer On Pump Suction

Pump imports are generally used to eccentric reducer to prevent cavitation.
The gas phase medium in the pipeline will produce the liquid, the liquid medium will produce the gas, the eccentric reducer and the concentric reducer difference is not only achieves the change diameter the goal, but also achieves the discharge liquid or the gas goal. Therefore, according to your process requirements to discharge the direction of the liquid or gas to select the eccentric reducer and concentric reducer. "First of all, the combination of the two is: change diameter, that is, the need to change from one specification to another." However, because of the use of the environment and the difference between the media with concentric and eccentric points, like a tee.

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Concentric reducer does not say, the following say eccentric reducer:
1, will accumulate gas pipeline, because the gas in the pipeline will accumulate upward, so must use the top flat eccentric to prevent gas can not be excluded,
2, some impurities or effusion will sink to the top of the tube, so must be used to prevent accumulation can not be excluded.
Eccentric reducer general in the pump and other equipment will be set up, specifically see the situation