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  • Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings

    Carbon Steel Pipe FittingsCarbon Steel pipe fittings is a very mature product. 65% of the world's carbon steel pipe fittings products are from China. Now the Chinese production of carbon steel pipe fittings fully meet the needs of customers, please feel free to buy. If you want to...

  • Anti-corrosion Steel Pipe

    Anti-corrosion Steel PipeThe anti-corrosion steel pipe used in sewage treatment engineering is a kind of product which is widely used now. I produced anti-corrosion steel pipe, not only in domestic sewage treatment plants and government sewage treatment works widely used, but also...

  • Carbon Steel Astm A420 Buttweld Fittings

    Carbon Steel Astm A420 Buttweld FittingsCarbon steel astm a420 buttweld fittings, as they are often used for pressure piping and pressure vessel sevice at low temperature, so they are also called as low temperature carbon steel pipe fittings.

  • Stainless Steel Buttweld Caps

    Stainless Steel Buttweld CapsPipe caps are pipe fittings that are welded to the end of a pipe to cover the pipe. Used to close the pipeline, the same role with the plug, plug.

  • 4 Inch Carbon Steel Pipe Bend

    4 Inch Carbon Steel Pipe BendBend pipe is a complete set of bending equipment for bending, divided into cold simmer and hot push two kinds of technology. No matter what kind of machine equipment and piping, most of them used to bend pipe, mainly for oil transmission, gas, infusion,...

  • A234 WPB Welded Steel Pipe Fittings

    A234 WPB Welded Steel Pipe FittingsA234 WPB welded steel pipe fitting is one type of carbon steel pipe fitting. The material is A234 WPB, and they are welded not seamless. The size of welded pipe fitting that we can produce is from 26 inch to 72 inch and the material is steel plate.

  • Butt Welded Pipe End Cap

    Butt Welded Pipe End CapAs a Butt Welded Pipe End Cap manufacturer, Metleader supplies all kinds of pipe fittings, such as pipe elbow, pipe reducer, pipe tee.

  • Galvanized Pipe Cap

    Galvanized Pipe CapManufacture and export high galvanized pipe cap, we have 35 productive experiences and are the most professional company in China.As one of the most pressing components of pressure vessel, the galvanized pipe cap has many forms and can be divided into...

  • Carbon Steel End Caps

    Carbon Steel End CapsCarbon steel end caps basic info Model NO.: lin044 Material: Carbon Steel Surface Treatment: Galvanized Sheet

  • Carbon Steel Pipe Cap

    Carbon Steel Pipe CapCarbon steel pip cap, also known as head, cover, pipe lid, the wall, used to close the pipe, the same effect and pipe plugging, but the tube cap can be directly screwed on the pipe, no other pipe fittings.

  • Weld On Pipe Caps

    Weld On Pipe CapsSteel pipe weld on pipe caps.The pipe cap is used to close the pipe, and the function is the same as the pipe block. The tube cap includes a convex tube cap, a conical shell, a variable diameter section, a flat cover and a tightening port design.

  • Stainless Steel Pipe Caps

    Stainless Steel Pipe CapsStainless steel pipe cap also known as plug or head. Use: welded pipe end or pipe end outside the thread to cover pipe fittings. Used to close the pipe, the same effect as the plug.

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